Rural Footprints

... a chat over the rural garden fence

Escape From The Pressures of Urban Life

If you want to have a vacation getaway with your family and need some quiet time to escape from the traffic bustle, blinding city lights, and stressful work then a short vacation to any holiday park will do. It is just like spending a vacation in the countryside where you’ll get to experience a bit of nature and adventure.

Wait…. why don’t you bring your family to a caravan park? It is a great place to unwind and spend quality time with your family and loved ones. I’ve been to Pickmere Lake Caravan Park a few months ago and I had a great time bonding with my family. It’s a nice place where you get to see and experience rural surroundings, the breathtaking views of Pickmere Lake, and the abundance of wildlife. They provide a well-maintained modern toilet and shower, laundry room, and dryer for seasonal tourers. They also have sports and leisure facilities for those who love sports, like tennis, horse riding, golf, and fishing. We did some fishing that time at their stocked fishing pond but you may also try your luck at Pickmere Lake which they say is a test for any discerning fisherman…

As you can see, you need not travel faraway just to have some quiet time. A short journey is all it takes for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy and experience life at the countryside.