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Dogs in Pubs

I recently visited 'the big city' (Ok, it was Chester, so not 'that' big) and took my dog, Charlie - he goes pretty much everywhere with me, so why not.

Everything was fine till I wanted a drink - trying to find a pub that welcomed dogs was almost impossible.

In most rural areas, dogs are not only welcomed in pubs, but are an essential part of the local bar crowd. The dogs are all well behaved, all know each other and get on just fine. Not so in cities it seems.

Talking to one of the landlords, it seems the problem is mostly a result of the smoking ban.

Sounds mad - but here is the logic.

Since smoking was banned, most pubs have started to serve more food, as the atmosphere is more suitable now, and they needed to make up for lost trade.

The problem is, dogs are not allowed in eating areas, so even pubs that used to allow dogs in the past, have now banned them.

So, how do we get away with it in the countryside? Well, countryside pubs get an exception it seems.

This is just more health and safety legislation that doesn't make sense.

Nobody has died of food poisoning in a country pub as a result of dogs being present. So, by all means ban dogs if you want to, but let it be the choice of the landlord, not a result of legislation.