Rural Footprints

... a chat over the rural garden fence


Dogs in Pubs

I recently visited 'the big city' (Ok, it was Chester, so not 'that' big) and took my dog, Charlie - he goes pretty much everywhere with me, so why not. Everything was fine till I wanted a drink - trying to find a pub that welcomed dogs was almost impossible. In most rural areas, dogs are not only welcomed in pubs, but are an essential part of the local bar crowd. The dogs are all well behaved, all know each other and get on just fine. Not so in cities it seems. Talking to one of the landlords,

Bloody Japanese Knotweed

My neighbour, (not adjacent to me, thank God) has got a problem with Japanese Knotweed. It's a bloody nightmare and is driving him to distraction. Sometimes travelling under pseudonyms such as elephant ears, monkeyweed, fleeceflower, pea shooters, and Himalayan fleece vine, Japanese knotweed is a nonwoody destructive plant that is in the species of Polygonaceae. It is inhabitant to countries in eastern Asia such as China, Japan, and Korea. It was introduced to the United States and Europe in the 19th

In Defense of My Garden Statue

This is written with a certain person in mind.. someone who disagrees with one my lifestyle choices and has little grasp of history, heritage, or style. You know how you are! So, I bought a statue for the garden. It is a lovely wrought iron Dragon. It stands proud in my rural garden, and looks just great. Somebody close to me (see above) thinks 'it sucks' and doesn't look traditional or rural at all. Complete nonsense of course - and here is why. Dragon sculptures and statues